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Aircraft Management & Charter

Providing Aircraft Management and Charter services, Valor K will tailor an aircraft management program to your needs while maximising the charter revenue potential of your asset.


With Safety, Security, Privacy and Timeliness front of mind, Valor ‘K offers different levels of management from a complete “Turn-Key” service, through to a fully customised individual agreement. 


Valor ‘K can also accommodate any private aircraft charter needs, assisting you to source the most suitable aircraft for the task at hand. 


For all Aircraft Management or Private Charter requirements, please call Ben on +61 400 568 313 or email [email protected]


Partnering with leading aircraft and aviation infrastructure and technology manufacturers to distribute current and future products, we are focussed on bringing the new era of sustainable aircraft and aviation to the world.

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Electric, hydrogen, hybrid and conventional aircraft sales and acquisitions.

Pre owned aircraft sales and distribution.


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Infrastructure & Technology

Sales, distribution and management of vertiports, STOL ports, battery chargers, hydrogen systems, aircraft parts and aviation technology.



Certification and regulatory approval process assistance, Infrastructure development, technology recommendations, market research and needs analysis, aviation operations and management consultation.

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