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Similar to traditional heliports, vertiports are specifically designed to accommodate VTOL aircraft and their intricacies.

Stol pORTS

Very short runways which can be built in urban areas where traditional runways are not possible.


Available in portable or fixed options. Charging stations are essential to electric aircraft operations. These will form part of the STOL ports and Vertiports.

Hydrogen Fuel equipment

When available, this will be required to supply hydrogen to aircraft at their ports.


Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)

A potential alternative to Jet A1 and made from sources such as waste oils, crops and green waste, it is likely to reduce CO2 emissions by 80%.

Hydrogen Fuel

Used as either a direct fuel source in modified engines or in the from of energy cells to power electric motors. It is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 50%


Battery storage capacity has reached the stage that permits powered flight. As we progress, electric aircraft will become larger and be able to travel further.

autonomous aircraft

Systems and artificial intelligence can be used to allow aircraft to operate without the need for a pilot.

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