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Combining the strength of conventional engines running on SAF and the sustainability of hydrogen power plants, this is the first heavy weight 40 seat hybrid VTOL aircraft coming to the market.

It will be available in passenger, freight and corporate configurations, LA-44 SkyBus, LA-44C SkyTruck and LA-44X SkyPrime

  • 5x More fuel efficient than a helicopter
  • Vertical Take Off and Landing
  • Top Speed: 300km/h
  • Range: <1000 km
  • Capacity: 40 pax or 4.5 T

For more information please call Ben on +61 400 568 313 or email [email protected].



Vertical Take Off and Landing. Typically powered by batteries and identified as eVTOL although non electric craft are avialable.


Short Take Off and Landing. These aircraft take off and land in very short distances which expands their operational ability. Now being powered by batteries and hydrogen.


Conventional Take Off and Landing. These aircraft take off and land using full length runways. Powered by any of the energy sources below.


A subcategory of the other 3 aircraft types. VTOL, STOL and CTOL can all potentially be operated without pilots on board.



The success of the electric car has paved the way for electric flight. Taking advantage of evolving battery technology is expanding this market at a rapid pace.


Utilising an abundant renewable resource, hydrogen will enable larger aircraft to fulfil sustainable aviation needs.


These aircraft employ a combination of energy sources such as sustainable aviation fuel and hydrogen or batteries to achieve comparable results to traditional fuel aircraft.


Powered by traditional fuels such as Avgas and Jet A1 these aircraft are versatile but unsustainable.

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